A schedule or a timetable, as a basic time-management tool, consists of a list of times at which possible tasks, events, or actions are intended to take place, or of a sequence of events in the chronological order in which such things are intended to take place.

Schedule of Bharat Scouts and Guides is categorized into two parts i.e. Youth Programmes & Adult Training Programmes.

Annual Programme of the Bharat Scouts and Guides at the National & Regional Level is scheduled from 01st April to 31st March every year. Events throughout the year are also being conducted at the State / District / Local & Unit Level

The Youth Programmes in the Organization are broadly divided into two (a) Progressive Training and (b) Activities.

  • Progressive Training of young people are conducted through Unit Meetings providing life skills training like Cooking, Mapping, Shelter-making, First-Aid, Pioneering, Signalling, Estimation etc and Open air activities of camping, hikes, trekking etc.
  • Activities includes: National Integration Camps, Cultural Exchange Programmes, Trekking Programmes in Hills, Deserts and Sea Coast, Skill Development Programmes in Vocational Crafts, Mapping, First-aid, rescue & rehabilitation, Service activities in Community fare, mela, local festivals and festivals of National importance etc. Community development activities on Govt. of India initiatives, youth development programmes, Career prospects etc.

Schedule of National & Regional Level Events (Youth Programme) for the year 2023-2024 is attached.

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