Based on the WOSM and BSG Vision & Secretary-General Mr. Ahmed's appeal and the dream of our Honorable President Dr. Anil Kumar Jain and Honorable Chief National Commissioner Dr. K. K. Khandelwal to reach 1 Crore census (i.e., 60 lakhs members for Scout Wing & 40 lakhs members for Guide Wing) by 2025, the Bharat Scouts and Guides aimed to expand the number of Youth in the organization.

To plan and prepare a National Membership Growth Strategy for the Bharat Scouts and Guides, NHQ had organized a physical meeting at the National Headquarters, New Delhi. In the presence of expertise from WOSM and NHQ Professionals and Office Bearers have developed the National Membership Growth Strategy. Since there, the Membership Growth works had been started in a well-planned manner. Based on National Growth Strategy, BSG has developed the State Growth Strategy for all the states and to implement the strategy properly, the State Growth Coordinators in each states is appointed.

For the capacity building of our State Growth Coordinators, with the help of WOSM consultants, BSG had conducted Six Webinars between 20 to 30 June 2020 on topics like - Composing Smart Objectives, Youth Programme, Engaging Communication, Good Governance Strong Organization, Adult in Scouting and Partnership for Growth.

Then BSG had organized three National Membership Growth Core Committee meetings virtually on December 2020, January and February 2021 respectively and the forum discussed on the activities of Membership Growth Plan and establishment of Membership Growth Cell.

Following to the core committee meetings, on February 2021, a well-organized and an independent Membership Growth Cell established and three Growth Cell personnel appointed at the National Headquarters, New Delhi, India. The Growth Cell looking towards the objective, action plans of National Growth Strategy and to support and coordinate with all the States for the activities, programmes and training planned under Membership Growth in BSG.

BSG membership Growth project “Spear 4.5 million Scouts“ supported by WOSM.